Go into the popular adventure game from gameloft. Be a professional hunter who thirst aan prey. Enjoy your ravin. Newest mobile games from gameloft Big Range Hunting 2, in this game you will be traveling the world to hunt and fish in the wild realistic environments. From Alaska to Louisiana, track your prey in their natural habitats, and adapt your hunting method to the species in your crosshairs. Shoot ducks and Crows, survive a terrifying alligator Assault and lure in lions or other exotic animals. Or you can choose to sail off to new water environments to catch various fish species. Play in 3 different Modes including Story mode, Free Hunt mode and mini-games to become a formidable hunter.
The only mobile game offering both hunting and fishing
A whole arsenal of weapons and objects to purchase, collect and use.
Animals with ultra-realistic behaviors and animations.

A wide variety of mini-games in-line with the hunting and wilderness theme.
Various very realistic environments to explore, from Alaska to the Maine valley or the Louisiana marshland
Choose between the "challenge" mode and the "free hunt" mode depending on how much time you have.
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